It is with great excitement that I announce the news of my partnership with gallerist Jennifer Carvalho of Prelude Projects to form the new gallery CARVALHO PARK  in the space that has been home to JOHN DOE. The debut exhibition, titled History Lessons, will feature the work of two supremely exceptional female artists, Delphine Hennelly + Mimi Jung. It will open Feb. 8.  

As director of John Doe, I have sought to provide a conduit between artists and the public. In these two years, programming has presented new ideas about the relationship between making and perception, featuring collaborations with an array of international artists. Thank you for your continued interest in not only the pursuits of our artists but also the curators that John Doe has had the pleasure of hosting and integrating into our space. 

In the new edition of the space, these pursuits are enlivened by my partnership with a curator and gallerist that I admire and to whom I feel greatly aligned. CARVALHO PARK will feature emerging artists reconsidering the distinctions between artistic disciplines, of the visual, design, and performing art realms, starting with an exhibition that shifts contexts and categorization with a large dose of aesthetic appeal. 

Please join me in this new endeavor. I look forward to all that is to come. 

Se Yoon Park, Founder and Director