perfected scene

Jeff Liao | Jaye Rhee | Jason River

May 10 -27, 2018


Opening: Thursday, May 10, 2018, 6:00 - 8:00 pm

Press Release

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Jaye Rhee , Bambi , 2009                                                                               

Jaye Rhee, Bambi, 2009                                                                              

Jason River,  Cloud No.1 , 2018

Jason River, Cloud No.1, 2018

Jeff Liao,  Coney Island from Steeplechase Pier , 2011

Jeff Liao, Coney Island from Steeplechase Pier, 2011


John Doe Gallery is pleased to present Perfected Scene, featuring work by Jeff Liao, Jaye Rhee and Jason River, on view from Thursday, May 10 to Sunday, May 27. Curated by LYK Art Projects, the exhibition showcases photographic works that incorporate constant modifications or stagelike set-ups that lead seeing in a certain way. Jeff Liao creates a real but unrealistically desirable scene, Jaye Rhee questions the way of seeing things and making artworks, and Jason River sets up theoretical imagery with bare bodies and everyday objects. The opening reception will take place on Thursday, May 10, from 6 to 8 PM.


Jeff Liao captures the complexity and diversity of New York City’s five boroughs throughout his projects such as in the Habitat 7, Grand Concourse and more recently, Central Park series. In the course of his city exploration, the Coney Island series lively depicts people at the amusement park and the beach. Liao photographs various places on the Island in a period of transition. He is known for large-scale panoramic images by combining multiple exposures of the same site taken over the course of several hours or days. Like the large horizontal piece, Coney Island from Steeplechase Pier, his photographs boast light and angle that could never naturally occur in a single exposure. 


Jaye Rhee is a multimedia artist whose work encompasses video, performance, photography, and installation. The photographs shown in this exhibition are from her video work Bambi. The background in the video is comprised of faux taxidermy deer, flimsy furniture and artificial grass that the artist displays. There is a real puppy that trots around in this intentionally made-up nature. It addresses the matter of authenticity in the art by forthrightly showing the trick. The resulting artwork itself is paradoxically genuine. Rhee has been interested in human body and movement and in the authenticity and originality of art – the subject matters that can be found in her work Swan and Bambi.  


Jason River photographs models posing nude, reminding of old masters paintings. In recent years, the artist started to experiment with and applied bubble wraps on models’ bodies as if they were the packaged statues getting shipped out.  Each wooden crate used by a model to stand or sit on has the year signed, indicating the model’s arrival to New York. River deals with the idea of immigration and relocation to the city people live in, and the identity related to it. Unlike his Wrapping series in black and white photography, his new series Uncovering, developed with the use of bubble wraps in color photography adds more theatrical and fantastical atmosphere to the scene.


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